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The Syn -1163 variety of the Syngenta line, which is already included in our soybean seed portfolio and it has a cycle  what has between  92 and 95 days to harvest, at 85 it can be dried to  speed up the harvest, in addition to having excellent foliar health, health  and good grain weight and therefore root health ”, said the technician.


There are five years of field experimentation, which support the now commercialization of the Syn -1163 variety, results that will satisfy the  East Side,  that only has one soybean planting campaign a year.


Besides you are  seeds are endowed with the treatments  of Elite and Plenus seeds, which guarantee their health.     

It is a SUPER EARLY variety with a high productive ceiling and wide Adaptability, the ally of producers who carry out early plantings. 


If you are looking for support related to this product,
Do not hesitate  in  write us  Here, we will answer you in 24 hours maximum:
  • High performance potential.

  • Wide adaptability.

  • Excellent weight of 100 grains (15g).

  • Excellent health against :  

     Ringed spot and  Purple stain.

  • Very good height of first pod.

  • Excellent branching power.

  • 3-grain pods predominate.

  • Resistant to lodging.

  • Modern architecture. 

  • Excellent response to stress. 

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